Web CRM & ERP Solutions

We offer industry specific cost effective standard CRM & ERP solutions.

Web CRM & ERP Solutions

ERP and CRM have different functions. While CRM software focuses on customer relationships and data, ERP solutions are used to manage the entire business. They share unified information across the various business functions and allow businesses to manage projects, timesheets, and inventory more effectively. Choosing the right ERP and CRM solutions will help your company run more efficiently. A good solution can reduce manual processes and increase customer satisfaction by 70 percent. If you're looking for the best ERP solution company that helps you integrate your CRM and ERP systems, we recommend you to contact our team. At Prosix Technology, we have the right tools for your business.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Are you looking for an Enterprise Resource Planning company?
No worries, we are here to help you. First you have to know what is ERP & how it is important for your business. An enterprise resource planning is required to manage business processes across various departments, including purchasing, product planning, and inventory management. An enterprise resource planning solution is an ideal choice for companies that want to manage these processes more efficiently. Contact us to get any type of help.

Content Management System

Content plays a major role to engage with their consumer in any website or App. Personalized content is very much required to attract customers to read about products or services you are providing without scrolling down. For this a good content management strategy is required. For the best result you should focus on centralized content creation instead of multiple teams. For more details contact our team.

Web-Based ERP Software

Prosix Technology provides Web-Based ERP software services and offers a wide variety of software options, which can help you manage your business and organize its operations. Using a web-based ERP can also help reduce the costs associated with using multiple, costly systems. Instead of dealing with periodic customization efforts and expensive upgrades, you can use a single management solution to run your business.

CRM & ERP Application

The benefits of ERP and CRM applications are numerous. These two technologies are highly integrated and will streamline your business operations. With the help of ERP and CRM applications, you can create a powerful business model that will drive your sales and profitability. So contact us to get the best service for your business.

Web CRM & ERP Solutions

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