Effective Web Design Principles You Should Know

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Once your people arrive at your website, what do you think locks them on to it? Simple – your website’s design.

The look and feel of your website, which is also part of the user experience and user interface aspects, considered the most important factor in a website design, drives customers and prospects to your website.

The first and foremost thing that you should be working upon when starting to Prosix Technology website development is its design. This is what will drive and bring about customer conversions.

Moreover, design’s role in marketing is invariably large. So, if you create good designs, this will contribute to marketing, which will drive sales and ultimately bringing in positive results.

1. Design is more that what hits the eye:
2. The objective of your business:
3. User is the core of any design
4. Designing can include sketching too
5. You need some white space
6. Grids are more than CSS frameworks
7. Does everything sync in?
8. Draw inspiration
9. Can your design provide a solution?
10. Be your own critique.


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