How Big Data and Analytics are Changing Hotels and the Hospitality Industry

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    Customer satisfaction and happiness is at the core of the hotel and hospitality industry. While these are important in any industry, it is paramount in this particular one. Customers in this industry are becoming increasingly discerning and have much higher expectations than ever before. You’re your own personal experience, I’m sure you agree. I know that I read through tons of reviews, look at ph.....

    What Are Web Fonts and Why Are They Important?

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    Remember the good old days when print media caught more attention than any other broadcasting media’s including the T.V. and the web. Could be that those days the internet was just emerging and the only media that was familiar to people was the print. The designers in those days had an extensive arena for experimentation. Probably they had the freedom to use a variety of fonts, colors and style as.....

    Effective Web Design Principles You Should Know

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    Once your people arrive at your website, what do you think locks them on to it? Simple – your website’s design.

    The look and feel of your website, which is also part of the user experience and user interface aspects, considered the most important factor in a website design, drives customers and prospects to your website.

    The first and foremost thing that you should b.....

    Mobile Web Vs Mobile Apps: Which one is the best for Marketing?

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    Today, mobile is a most demanding gadget in this world. One can easily see the magic of mobile over our new generation. All the time and anywhere, they do not forget to carry their mobile. Therefore, mobile becomes the necessity of our people. Another reason of being it famous is that mobile serve all the purposes namely calling, messaging, chatting with friends, listening music, reading books, su.....

    Various Platforms of Website Development

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    Nowadays, every business should have a website. As the costs are extremely low at the entry level, it has become easy to build your own website. Many web design companies are available to assist you with content management and Web design. These days, people are more user-friendly to the internet. So, they always search online about the products and services they want to purchase.

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